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Come as you are.

Read this first: Here is how to proceed:

When booking your classes, programmes and privates, please use the MANUAL PAYMENT option and follow up immediately with paynow or paylah to confirm your booking.

PayPal is available for those who do not have Paynow and PayLah!. 

Then WhatsApp your payment confirmation and health hub vaccination status. If this is your first time, Amanda will reply you with the address and directions. 

Please note that there is a 24hr window for cancelling a booking. You can go ahead and book into another class of the same cost or top up the difference if there is one. If you are not able to "consume" the class by the end of the month, don't worry about it... carrying it over to the next month will be absolutely fine. Remind Amanda of outstanding credits if any when booking your classes. Appointments for privates also have a 24hr window for rescheduling if necessary. For ease of keeping track of your bookings and appointments on the go, you can use the Secret Yoga Club app. Ask Amanda for the link and code.

  • Your very own session to address your needs at your own pace.

    100 Singapore dollars
  • Begin your Pilates journey with clarity and certainty! And yes, FUN!

    15 Singapore dollars
  • Pilates Matwork Level 2. Requires proficiency in Matwork Level 1.

    20 Singapore dollars
  • It's 30min SMF, 45min Yoga/Pilates, 15min Stretch & Relaxation.

    25 Singapore dollars
  • Want to organise your own private group? Round up your tribe and book!

    150 Singapore dollars
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