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Already August?

The in-studio schedule has just been uploaded and you will now be able to book into the in-studio classes of your choice for the month.

We have a new 90min class on schedule to be excited about, heralding a new approach to mindful mobility and growing our strength, stability and mobility journey.

Do try it out if you are able to book in.

The current capacity for in-studio classes is now still capped at 5pax. If there are classes you did not make it into, do put yourself on the waitlist because the first 3 on the waitlist will be bumped up into the class once Singapore relaxes it’s safety measures to groupings of 8. This is a very likely possibility so do use the waitlist to indicate interest and hold space.

You can now also proceed to book in for privates and group privates for the month of August. If there is a particular timing you want to secure for your routine, do book in in advance so you can plan for it.

You may also notice that a couple of classes have been added for the 2 upcoming public holidays. Check them out and book in ahead if you want to plan on coming to class as part of your day for those days.

As for zoom: Zoom will probably only remain for Tues 8pm, and Saturday morning. Zoom bookings have not been made available yet because I have not made any decisions yet as to whether it is viable to continue with it. This depends greatly on demand, which has dropped drastically since social distancing measures have eased up and people are getting busy now that the country is moving swiftly into reopening. It’s completely understandable and it’s also my intention to get off zoom ASAP because it compromises everyone’s experience of the classes.

I also wanted to let you know that I will be doing a covid test every 14 days to ensure that I am virus free. By 18th July I will be fully vaccinated, as will many of you. We will be moving into August with certainty and clarity in managing covid in our community, with the confidence that we will be safe. Thank you for always having an abundance of caution and staying away from in-studio classes when you feel unwell. Everyone’s effort matters in keeping our community safe.

Lots to look forward to! In the meanwhile, do your homework, stay safe and see you all soon!

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