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How is it already August?

We've just sold out on our final run of the Iyengar Immersion for 2022, ending in mid-November. Right now we seem to be going through another covid wave, with several people in our community down at a go, but I think we are used to rolling with the punches nowadays, and its all part and parcel of post-pandemic life.

Our studio capacity has increased from 7 at the beginning of 2022, all the way to our full capacity as per pre-pandemic times, at 14. Not all classes have been expanded to 14 as it depends on the space and equipment requirements and ideal ratio. The latest Iyengar intake is still 6, because that seems to be the ideal group size that I want to work with for that level of detail.

You may have also realised that we have welcomed several new people into our fold. We are finally able to introduce new people into our community after 2 years of being a closed community to stay safe in the pandemic. Most of our new folks are coming into Matwork Foundation classes, and through the Too Fucking Tense series of Restorative sessions. I might expand the schedule more as the months go, but I am also doing so gradually so that we can pace ourselves.

Many of you are back to office life, and what that means for classes is that your available time and energy is also evolving with new schedules and routines. This will continue to evolve as we grow into our new normal, so do communicate your needs and I will see what I can do, to create a schedule that works the best for what you want to do, when you are available to do so. It seems like a lot more people are seeking things to relieve and relax, rather than sessions that go hard and intense, so I am also reading the group as we go along.

Thank you for being awesome, for giving guidance and being welcoming to the newer folks amongst us, and for being socially responsible to keep our community safe.

Take care and have a lovely National Day long weekend!


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