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May the Fourth Be With You!

I can't believe its already May! It feels like we just crossed over into 2023 and suddenly its Starwars day already! Happy May the Fourth!

Many of us are back to the full reality of life after the pandemic, with work travel, full office hours and adjusting back to yourselves and everyone at home coming back to the world as we used to know it. The virus is however, still making its rounds and even as I type this, there is an unspoken new wave of infections with many people including those in our community, not feeling well over the last couple of weeks. The weather hasn't been helping very much either, and its been erratically hot, or erratically wet. Either way, its something that we need to ride out and things ought to feel a lot more normal after a while, if normal is anything we can aspire towards after 3 years of a "new" normal.

We are revisiting some classic topics at the Secret Yoga Club in terms of workshops. For new people to come into, and also for those of you who have come for sessions before to see where you are now at, now that its been a while. The interface of the Yoga immersions is now a shorter one month journey, instead of ten weeks, and for this upcoming immersion, we will be working with intermediate practitioners to go further in their practice, and taking a break from the essential foundations for a while.

You may have noticed that there is a new permanent member of the Secret Yoga Club. Daisy says hello, if you haven't met her yet, and she is part of the community that gathers here.

She would like you to know that she likes to watch the action but not participate and generally leaves people alone after she has greeted them. If meeting her is something that has been making you hesitate about coming to classes, she can be put in another room to nap or I can make arrangements for her to go for a walk with a friend or my parents, but that arrangement will need to be made with prior notice so a good heads up in advance would be needed as it involves assistance from other people.

In the pipeline for the rest of the year? Some interesting workshops and specific sessions for differentiated anatomical structured people who need a different way of coming into movement. As for now, have a lovely week and enjoy the rest of your day!


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