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Happy Yellow Day, everyone!

We are finally here and it feels good to have choice restored in how we go about our daily lives. We will need some time to adjust to living without restrictions that have been our norm for the last 2 years. We can finally breathe free, experience relief and release, and begin the journey of adjusting back to life as it used to be.

As many of us are heading back to the office after 2 years of working from home, we are definitely going to feel tired from the need to commute and to be social and presentable for all hours of the work day. This will mean that some of you will need time away from classes and sessions, and that's OK. Take your time to get used to your new weekly routine and commute before you make arrangements to find a way to fit your movement practice into the way the week currently looks. There will also be many of your who will be travelling, who will have social obligations and activities that have not been able to happen for 2 years or more now.

Go do what you need to do, and if you need to make any amendments to your bookings, its perfectly alright as long as you are doing so with more than 24hrs notice. Credits from classes booked can be carried over into the next month. Do modify your bookings as early as possible so that other people can book into the classes with spaces that you are vacating.


2ND MAY 2022 FROM 12PM! :)

To celebrate our return to some kind of normal and moving into better days of freedom and abundance, you are invited to a gathering on 2nd May 2022 from 12pm! Its potluck so feel free to bring along something and show up and meet the lovely community. The pandemic has brought us closer and created a community amidst 2 years of social distancing. I hope you will come, even if its just for a little while.

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