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Hello Tiger!

It is almost Chinese New Year and everyone is busy with pre-festive errands and duties! So much to do and even less time to do it in now that many of you are heading back to the office for at least some part of your work week. Thank you for showing up to your classes and privates regardless! Your presence and energy is appreciated and I am grateful that you are present, energetic and give the sessions your all despite now having more on your plate.

Let us manifest a year of the Water Tiger that brings abundance easily to all. May the year be smooth-sailing, may all of us be in the best of health and may we find meaning and satisfaction in all that we do in our time off the mat. May our community grow stronger and grow stronger together. If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it is that having a place to come home to matters when there is so much flux in the rest of the world.

If you've not been able to come into classes for a while now, don't fret. You have your whole life to do Yoga and Pilates, and in the bigger scheme of things, these little gaps are just mere blips.

A few reminders for everyone:

YOU being OK, is more important than you BEING IN CLASS. If you are overwhelmed by work or things at home, and you need to focus on that for a while, go right ahead and do that! If you are not sure if your schedule will be the way it is, don't book classes way ahead... you can always book into classes as the weeks go. This is much better than booking and then cancelling because its just much easier to keep track of.

The aptitude and intensity of classes is now way more clearly indicated. Please book the class that is suitable for you. I personally recommend a frequency of 2-3 classes at the very most in a week, with the space of 2 or more days between each class so that you have time for your muscles to recover, and for you to process and rest. Its not about DOING but about GROWING a CONNECTION with yourself. That takes time. If you feel that you want to have a more customised session with dialogue and discussion, then book yourself into a private rather than a class, because a class session will always work with the group rather than you as an individual. Most people benefit from a combination of both, and its a good way to regulate and also maintain continuity with your journey.

Do remember to plan your movements to be on time for classes: I know that now there is the new challenge of commuting from the office rather than home, and timings for classes have been adjusted to accommodate this as well. My sessions often run back-to-back with a 10-15min interval, so any delay in starting a session will mean cutting a session shorter because I often will not be able to over run. There is, however, a little more leeway for appointments for privates in the mornings and afternoons because those are set to have a 30min gap in between appointments. And yes, I do need those 30min in between to have a coffee or do this and that around the apartment in between sessions so punctuality is much appreciated.

I strongly encourage you to bring your own mat towels to lay on top of the mats that I provide for classes: This is to make the post-session tidy-up easier! Especially if you are someone who perspires a lot! When we have classes running back-to-back, a towel mat ensures that the person using the mat after you doesn't get a soggy mat!

You may also notice that we have several new people in our classes! We are finally in a place where we are able to welcome a few new people into our community now that the pandemic is easing into something milder, especially since we are a fully vaccinated studio.

Do welcome the new folks into our fold, and also, if you are new, do get to know the folks doing class along with you and they will help show you the ropes! Literally! Haha!

So have a lovely festive long weekend and see you when you are done making merry! Meanwhile, a couple of spaces are left in each of the CNY week classes! Book in if you want to and see you when I see you! Take care of yourself and have an amazing CNY!


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