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March Matness and Special Yoga Workshops!

Heaps to look forward to next month, because you can book into a whole series of workshops that will enable you to delve deeper into your pilates and yoga practice. Classes give you continuity but workshops give us the time to understand and process things better. The workshop series work best when attended as a whole, but they also work very well as standalone single workshops in their own right. Sign up for what piques your interest!

It looks like we will be able to expand our capacity soon for sessions. The maximum group size that I will maintain in the months to come will be 8 participants. The full capacity of the studio is actually 11, and its been more than 2 years since we have been able to work with a full room in that way. For now, as we adjust to a not-socially distanced norm, we will stick to 8 when we are given the clearance to do so. I expect that that directive will be coming in the next few days, as the announcement already went up last week about removing the need for safe distancing measures.

We will adjust accordingly. Not all classes will increase in size. It depends on the content and nature of what we are working with. I am looking forward to not having the virus in the forefront of my considerations when making plans and managing the running the studio. Its been challenging to dance around these things and not having to do so will be a welcome reprieve to my headspace. I am most grateful to how reactive and responsive everyone has been in working together to keep our community safe, and for your being responsible and considerate to the well-being of the community when it comes to safety and staying healthy.

Some of you have been asking about Teacher Training Courses and CET. This will all happen once things feel less volatile. Its extremely challenging to start a course and then have to reschedule it halfway through because of changing SMM measures. For now, its a wait and see situation, but my guess is that the 2nd half of 2022 will be more predictable for planning ahead. In normal life, I plan ahead to 4-6 months but I have had to go on a month by month basis since May 2021 because we have had to adapt constantly to changing measures every month or so. I really hope Omicron is the last time we have to drop everything and react, if that need arises in the days to come.

Some of you are currently riding the omicron wave with a quarantine party going on at home! Hang in there! It will pass and the good thing for you is that it would have passed for you and the likelihood of recurrence is almost none! Seems to be the way this Covid phase of our lives is going to go and in the larger scheme of things, we will look back on these days and know that we survived and did our best despite all the flux and all the trouble that came with it. It will get better, and we will get better. Our community has grown together in managing our experience of this virus era together, and we will emerge stronger for it in the end.

That being said, we are a community that does more than just appear for classes together. If you need help in any way, reach out. There will definitely be someone who can make a situation easier or be able to help in the way that you need.

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