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May the Fourth be with you!

So it looks like our May the 4th Starwars session got overshadowed by the news of heightened restrictions to curb the spread of Covid! Not to fret! It’s only 3 weeks and if it all goes to plan, we will be back to our regular programme with renewed vigour and energy.

Our plan for the next 3 weeks will be this:

All classes are cancelled from 8-30th May 2021, and all class credits will be frozen for future use in June and July.


I have also created a new class type:


which you will be able to use your class credits to book into. These sessions will be held outdoors at Punggol park, in bubbles of 5pax and each bubble kept 2m apart, to a maximum of 30pax. ONE session is now open for booking.

Please note that I will be enforcing a no photo/video rule for all privates coming into the studio during this duration. Do also remember that there is a 24hr window to reschedule appointments on the website. I tend to be personally way more flexible with privates so if there is a need for a last minute reschedule, contact me directly on WhatsApp and I will see what I can do on my end.

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