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Moving into September...

Its been lovely welcoming so many of you back to the studio for classes, now that we are able to practice in person together once again, albeit with the 5 person limit. Our zoom classes are all hybrid classes where the zoom room is an extension of the studio, allowing you to feel like you are attending along in the space here, even though you are at home.

We are all yearning for that in-person studio experience and the interest in zoom has declined so much since May 2021 when we were suddenly hurled back into heightened alert. For the month of September 2021, Zoom classes will be reduced to just Tuesday 8pm and Saturday 11am for the month of September, now that work-from-home and home-based learning is no longer the default. If you are keen to be in an in-studio class that is fully booked, do put yourself on waitlist because if our safe distancing measures lighten up and capacity can increase, you'll be the first one bumped up into the class. If you are keen to attend any of the studio class through zoom or FaceTime, do get in touch with me in the hours leading up to the class because I will be able to make that happen for you with a little advanced notice. Totally possible!

I'm also totally alright with any of you needing to extend the deadline on your subscription expiry dates because you haven't been able to get into the studio classes you want, or if you home situation makes being on zoom a challenge. I completely understand zoom fatigue and why many of you would really rather wait to be back in the space in person.

I'll be putting up a library of self-practice on-demand videos that you will be able to take reference from to guide your own practice at your own time and pace. Those of you with erratic schedules and short pockets of free time have made good use of the programme and I am glad for it. The Supported Self-Practice Programme that ran in Week 1 and 2 of August 2021 went really well and I am looking at gradually building up a library of on-demand videos that you can purchase and practice with to add value to your journey.

At this point of time, I am not going to be increasing the number of group classes. As our personal schedules evolve with the return to the office for work etc, I am also taking September as a month to "SEE HOW IT GOES" and respond accordingly as we transition into the 4th quarter.

The other way you could see me in-person for classes is to sign up for membership at Fitness First where I teach. Their capacity as a mega gym is way bigger than my studio capacity and I can hook you up with a consultant who will not bug you or pull a fast one on you. They are extremely professional and you will be able to do not just my class, but a plethora of other fitness activities and classes with their schedule and facilities. They have some pretty good promotions for ,membership take-ups so if your free time to attend yoga classes happens to be during the weekends, you could consider this as an alternative.

While its really challenging to do any kind of planning ahead, I am optimistic that I will be able to do some forward planning and schedule in some juicy nuggets of movement and mobility that we can all look forward to. Lets interrupt feelings of negativity and manifest the return to some kind of normal as 2021 comes to its final quarter!

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