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The next 3 weeks are going to be challenging! But we got this!

With case numbers surging into the thousands, we are about to enter into the most challenging 2-3 weeks of the pandemic so far. We should be used to this, and yet we are not, and while we have been good in managing the logistics of how to exist in this new normal of heightened restrictions, we are flailing (and failing) in how we are coping with all of these changes emotionally. Everyone is tired, everyone is fed up of yet another round of measures and we are tired of being afraid. We are tired of feeling tired. There is no way out really, and it can be overwhelming and challenging to get through. We so badly want to get back to having routines and things to look forward and find joy in, and we still can. This too shall pass.

We will take all necessary precautions in studio to be as safe as possible. This is why I am enforcing a mask wearing policy for in-studio classes. How we arrange people in a room has far less implications than wearing a mask and sanitising. Thank you for being agreeable to this.

If we do end up with a positive case amongst us, please know that it is something that is inevitable and not something to feel guilty about. With the increased number of circulating cases it is bound to happen more than not, whether you come for classes or not. It is out there, this is our reality and we are going to get through this together regardless. We will support you nonetheless.

Its just the way these 2-3 weeks are going to be and we will manage it if/when it happens.

The larger community in Singapore is reacting with a lot of fear and anxiety to the rising case numbers but the virus today is not the same unknown demon that it was this time last year. We are a fully vaccinated studio and we are in a much safer and protected place than we were before. I urge you to keep your emotional wellbeing sacred and to tune out the noise from social media that rides on the waves of people's fears and anger. There is so much anger out there, growing in people who have no idea how to self-regulate and deal with their emotions. For this reason, we must be a safe space and not participate or bring any of that noise into our community. Get your news from official sources and log off from anything that is there to incite fear and panic. Most of these sites and profiles make money from social media content that goes viral so that YouTube pays them for views. Do not participate in generating wealth for those who resort to these means to make money. We are better than this.

While it is not required, I do strongly encourage you to do frequent ART tests to know that you are well and safe. Especially for the next 2-3 weeks, we need to be extra vigilant and the sooner we know, the sooner we can react.

Stay safe, communicate and do reach out if you need support in any way.


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