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What is the difference between a class and a private?

Welcome to May! Some of you have decided to take up privates for the first time since we are not able to have classes in studio for almost the entire month. I thought I'd drop a post here to bring your awareness to the key differences between attending a group session, and having a private, so that you know what to expect.

Privates are most often done as a one-to-one session and are scheduled by appointment. In a private, the hour-long session is customised to the exact needs of the client.

A private is not a workout.

The session is often focused on addressing issues that are specific to said individual, such as injury rehabilitation, postural imbalance correction, addressing problematic movement habits, and also curating a personalised self-practice routine set on achieving long-term objectives. In the session also, we cater to the learning styles of the individual.

For example, a visual learner attending a group class may not benefit as much as someone who responds well to verbal cues.

The nature of privates are very different from a group workout session. A class is trainer-driven, and is often focused on completing routines that achieve fitness goals like increasing ability to bear load and burning calories. Group classes tend to be more strenuous because we often aim to complete several routines and exercises within the framework of a sequenced session that is nicely packaged as a flow. While some privates can sometimes work with exercises that can be intense, the focus, direction and need to sustain high levels of energy for the entire hour are entirely different. With privates there is also a lot of discussion, correction, and the focus is often on understanding rather than just doing.

A private is a great time to ask all the questions you always wanted to ask, without feeling bad about taking time away from the sequence planned, or from other people in the room, because it is YOUR session and the direction of the session is YOURS to decide.

Preparing for your private:

It helps to maybe think of what you would like to focus on for the hour, but if you don't have a plan, and you would like the session to be decided on your behalf for you based on what I feel you ought to address, I will be happy to diagnose and curate a session for you that would address what I see you to need.

A casual direction like "my hip always hurts when I try to do certain types of stretches' can be a simple way to start off a session. Often, sessions are collaborative and discursive, as we work together to understand your body better. Unlike a class where you follow along, you are leading this session. Don't worry, I will help you along by asking you questions and ease you into navigating a session that you are driving.

Those with pathologies, injuries and specific issues should bring your medical reports for reference. For example, if you have been diagnosed with a slipped disc, bring along the doctor's report and even the X-ray so that I can take a look at the diagnosis and recommended treatment path. I often have conversations with the physiotherapists who work with my private clients, and I would be happy to connect with yours. So none of the turning up for a class and see if it helps your back pain type of situations here... its all about addressing directly, unique issues like back pain, in collaboration with your Physio and/or doctor and proceeding with a clear and informed direction.

When should I choose to do a class and when should I opt for a private?

When you come for a class after 30th May 2021, remember that the expectation with a class is that it is a group experience and an educator-driven session. If you enjoy a session that is more focused on your needs, or if you have differentiated needs that require unique instructions, a private would be the better approach. As we are unable to have group classes for this duration, it would be a good use of our 3 weeks to consider a private or two and address issues specific to you. While the idea of being in a session on your own may sound intimidating and exhausting, it really isn't and often first-time clients are surprised at how much they are able to get out of the hour. I always say that its a better investment to do one private and have all your questions answered, than to do 10 classes hoping that the sessions will touch on the issues that you hope will be covered.

Does everyone benefit from a private?

I think most students who are used to doing yoga and pilates in a group class situation are often surprised at how much more they can get from a private, and if you find an educator who you resonate with, you will find that often, they are able to do their best work with you when they can turn their attention completely to you.

Can privates be done in my home, or on zoom?

I teach privates quite regularly on Zoom/FaceTime, but that is for clients who are not in the same country as me, or when we have the unique situation of a pandemic lockdown.

I don't generally travel out for privates, unless its a prenatal. In that situation, the client pays for my hourly rate for privates AND my transport (by grab/gojek/taxi) to and from their place. I really do prefer that they come to me because all my props and equipment are here, and it is the more conducive space to work from. When I am in someone's house, there is a lot of adapting and shifting things around, and often that takes up a lot more time than I would like.

For avoidance of doubt, I am not taking on any bookings from clients that I need to go to during the period of 8-30th May because I want to limit who I am coming into contact with.

Confidentiality and discretion:

ALL private sessions are confidential. I have many clients who do privates because of the need for privacy and discretion. There are many who come to me for privates who need confidentiality that one-to-one because of who they are as public figures.

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